15 of my favourite things

I recently saw this article covered on Sophie’s Notebook, so I decided to ease myself back into blogging with the same idea. It’s a list of 15 of my favourite things, so enjoy!

Takeaway treat

Cheesy chips. If I could live in a box of cheesy chips, I would. Just wallow in the carby, greasy goodness, snuggling onto a pillow of crispy, hot chips, pulling over a blanket of mozzarella.

Or, you know, Dominos. Whatever.


I think picking one film is limiting, as I presume many people would agree with. Genre-wise, I am a sucker for a romantic comedy, but my real joys are psychological thrillers and horror. I know. What an oxymoron.

TV show

The Simpsons, Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away! (I know, I know. I just can’t get enough!), Come Dine With Me, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, The Real Housewives of… anywhere to be honest. It amazes me how much money these people have. I wish they would do a Real Housewives of Preston. They could follow me to work everyday and then see me cry into a portion of cheesy chips after a night out. Prime time television.


Anything by David Gray, but my real passion is classical music.


Oh, don’t get me started. ANYTHING dystopian. I have a real penchant for Nazi / WW2 dystopian literature, to be honest. A few I love are:

The Man in the High Castle, 1984, The Bees, Fatherland, Swastika Night etc.

You’ll also find numerous books on feminism and rape on my bookshelves. I’m a real hoot at parties, I can tell ya.


Not great after a few glasses of wine.

Piece of advice

Don’t take shit from anyone.


None. I hate musicals. SUE ME.


Green tea. Red wine. Beer. Wine. Gin. Prosecco.

Guilty pleasure

WINE. Cheesy chips (as we can see from this post, I’m obviously having some kind of sordid affair with them…).

I don’t really think we should call our pleasures guilty though. I never feel guilty after any of my indulgences (blatant lie as I’m hungover right now). What is life if not for pleasure?

Favourite app


Favourite celebrity

I like Tom Hardy for his acting ability (and no other reasons, of course…), but I also think Emma Stone is a hoot.

Ideal date

Chilled evening, just going for a few drinks and chatting. If it’s a first date, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than having to sit up straight and eat a meal. I want good lighting (by that I mean almost darkness) and a cocktail.

Evening meal

Homemade halloumi and portobello mushroom burgers, with sweet potato fries and houmous.

Proudest moment

Paying off my Masters’ degree. I actually felt prouder for securing a bank loan and only taking 3 years to pay it off than getting the actual degree. The satisfaction was immense.

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